Dinar Hajj

Save Dinars for pilgrims. Interesting right?

Pilgrimage to Mecca is the fifth pillar of Islam. Has become the duty of every Muslim to save a passion pilgrimage

"Being a duty on every human being (the believers) pilgrimage to the Baitullah, that is for those who have the ability.

Whoever is kufur (disbelief), then surely Allah is Rich (do not need anything else) from another party (nature). "

What to do with the cost of the pilgrimage dinar? Dinar is a gold, gold can be exchanged for money. The value of gold has increased at - least 15% per year but will decrease the value of fiat money value of 5% per year.

Savings in gold we can avoid spending savings. Unlike fiat money, so happy to be diluted. If gold, to sell back gotta go to the store gold, if gold powergold should be sent to HQ for evaluation before receiving money. The process is complicated. Unlike paper money, even money in the Tabung Haji  was very easily removed. You can only withdraw money from ATM machines and you continue to have money to spend.

So, it is better to keep gold from saving money.