Dinar Mas Kahwin

Incentives to save the gold dinar has long been said and started. We encourage by issuing Dinar Dowry and formed so as to become more systematic. After nearly 2 years of research and development of products dinar (gold), Nexus Esteem Sdn Bhd (1129422-W) as producers have successfully initiated the idea that led Dowry product Dinar.


There are nearly 100 kinds of gold dinar in Malaysia which is known by various names and designs are produced by many parties with similar objectives, namely to foster the public store gold through a mechanism known as Dinar.


General store physical gold out attitude is very good and it protects property generally. Dinar Dowry is devoted to those who wish to use it as a dowry to marry / Dowry or Prize for nature and name in particular.


Of course marriage is human nature. Only time and a mate is God's provision S.W.T. So if they can, why not start saving and keep Dinar Dowry for use in the future, especially the youth.If you can afford it, buy and save as much as possible.

If every Muslim and sisters embrace only the Dinar as Dowry Dowry, additions or gift to commemorate their wedding, of course indirectly Ummah gold reserves would increase systematically. It also indirectly strengthen the economy because almost 800Kg of gold owned by Muslims in particular. This is possible due to the fact JAKIM 2010 recorded 200,000 marriages were registered in Malaysia.


The uniqueness of other typical patterned wedding, Dinar Dowry can also be in the "Customised" such as wedding date can be printed. We can also print the true face of the bride in the pieces of this Dinar. (Side surface). This makes it more personal. So let us together make it succesfull. Give encouragement to anyone to use dinar as dowry Dowry Dowry or additions or also in conjunction with the gift of marriage.

If our parents that girls will be spoken for someone, why not state the intention of at least 1 Dinar Dowry as a condition to be held by the man. Whether we are male or female, it's definitely a good thing if you can start with the people closest to you, such as relatives, friends or even yourself. Spread this good on them.

Start today.


The Use of Gold Dinar in Marriage


The use of Gold Dinar in marriage is more advisable because : 

  • Dinar is the Islamic currency used since the days of the Prophet.
  • Uses of Dinar is the sunnah of the Prophet S.A.W.
  • The increase in value in the long term.
  • Can keep gold as a long term investment.
  • Can raise the prestige of Islamic currency.
  • Each gold dinar has a Jawi writing on it which symbolizes the dinar as Islamic currency.


Now marriage expenses increased. Each year, the prices of goods rising. The problems faced by brides, they have been trying to collect money for marriage expenses, but when the time of marriage, money is still not enough. To solve the problem of marriage expenses, brides can save the dinar to be used for wedding expenses or use the dowry to the bride.


Suppose you plan to marry another 5 years with RM25000 your budget, and you save 5 dinars a year. The average increase in the price of gold annually is 15%. Let us start counting.


The average price of 2016 dinars = RM780

The average price of 2017 dinars = (15% x RM780) + RM780 ~ RM897

The average price of 2018 dinars = (15% x RM897) + RM897 ~ RM1032

The average price of 2019 dinars = (15% x RM1032) + RM1032 ~ RM1187

The average price of 2020 dinars = (15% x RM1187) + RM1187 ~ RM1365

If every year we save 5 dinar:

2016 = RM780 x 5 = RM3900

2017 = RM897 x 5 = RM4485

2018 = RM1032 x 5 = RM5160 

2019 = RM1187 x 5 = RM5936

2020 = RM1365 x 5 = RM6825

Total after 5 years = 25 dinars = RM26306

 Average per year just to keep RM5262 and there are still over budget balance target. Based on the calculations above, we can see the Gold Dinar can help in gathering for marriage expenses. When almost a happy day, you can use the 5 dinar for the dowry and the rest we can turn to the notes and use them to pass and all expenses feast.