About Us

Dinar Global are the platform for selling and buying Gold Dinar. Our mission is to introduce Dinar and encourage people to keep gold for the use in future.


Our company name NEXUS ESTEEM SDN BHD which is located at Butterwoth, Pulau Pinang. Nexus Esteem was established to carry on the business of selling and buying Gold and Dinar. Our company is an online and authorized seller for Gold Coin and Gold Dinar. Nexus Esteem is a registered company in Malaysia, our company registration number is (1129422). You may check on SSM website. Our company provides Dinar which has our own pattern. Our main product was Dinar Hajj and Dinar Mas kahwin. The purpose of us choosing this product because we want to encourage people to buy and use gold and Dinar. Besides that, we want to educate people, mostly Muslim to make Gold and Dinar as their lifestyle. Nowadays, people don't know or ever seen what is Dinar while Dinar was known as Currency Muslim before this. Dinar is a produce from gold, and the value of gold can be increased every year. So we want to encourage people to save gold and avoid spending flat money.


As what Tun Mahathir Mohamad said in Utusan Malaysia on 1st November


“US currency can now be regarded as toilet paper because its value has depreciated and worthless compared to the gold received in all countries of the world”.


Based on pass record, the value of gold is still increasing every year. Despite the price rises, but the value of the Ringgit to the year continues to fall. Therefore, when you sell the value of gold is higher than when bought. The price of gold is not stable can confuse the world that gold is not a safe haven for safekeeping, while the statistics, western countries are the world's largest gold storage. Gold prices continue to be traded according to the actual demand and its suppliers. So who is buying and storing gold can be used during the financial crisis, do not waste your emotions by fluctuations in gold prices. Most importantly, continue to keep the gold that can be used in the future.

Dinar Global provided a platform where people can buy in instalments which is using credits where they can buy credits when they have money. Therefore, when they have enough credit they can but Dinar. Therefore, what you waiting for, lets shopping in Dinar Global