How To Buy?

Dinar Global is a website where individuals and businesses can buy and sell new and second-hand Gold Dinar. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to buy Gold Dinar on Dinar Global, by using Credit that have been provided.


Follow step-by-step how to buy on Dinar Global

Step 1: Go to website Dinar Global.

Step 2: You can buy on Dinar Global only if you're registered, so if you are new to Dinar Global, click My Account > Register (above on the right-hand-side).

 (If you have already registered, click My Account > Login, enter your email and password, then go straight to step 4).


Step 3: To register, you will need to fill in details such as your first and last name, email, telephone number, address and password. Once all complete, click button Continue at the bottom of the screen.


Step 4: Once you have a login, the website will be directed to your account page. Now you can view product that you want to buy, but before you buy, you need to purchase Credit first. This is because our website encourages people to gather and saving money to buy Dinar.


Step 5: You may view Credit in Home > Credit. There are six credits that are provided in our website. You may choose and click which credit you want to purchase, then click Add To Cart. Once you finish adding to cart, you may checkout and make a payment.


Step 6: You'll now be asked to choose and key in your payment details. Dinar Global use PayPal and Ipay88. If you've already got a PayPal account, you can just click Log In to make payment. While those who didn't have PayPal account, they can choose Ipay88 which is having others payment method which is credit card, maybank2u, web cash, FPX and others.


Step 7: You may view your credit that you have in My Account > Transaction. Once you have enough credit, now you can buy our product/ Dinar.


Step 8: You may view product available in Home > Dinar. Process of Add To Cart and checkout will be same as in Step 5, but the differences are on payment method. To buy a product/ Dinar from Dinar Global, you will use Credit that you have purchased in Step 5 and Step 6. Besides that, when you are in Checkout, you will need to choose or key in payment detail including Delivery Detail and Delivery Method. (You have to make sure you have entered actual address). Your payment method will display as free checkout since you are using Credit.


Step 9: After you have settled all purchases and payment, you can view the status of your purchase in My Account > Order History.


Step 10: Now you can wait your Dinar arrive at your doorstep.