Our website using credit system to purchase our product which is Hajj Dinar and Dinar Mas Kahwin. The concept of using credit system are is to encourage people to collect Dinar, and using Dinar for their special event. Credit system work as a platform for customer to collect and store their money before they can buy Dinar. Our system has been set for restricting payment of Dinar which only used the credit system to but Dinar. The customer need to buy and collect credit until have enough credit to buy Dinar. 

There six types of credit that we sell, which is CREDIT 1, CREDIT 2, CREDIT 10, CREDIT 20, CREDIT 60 and CREDIT 100.

CREDIT 1        =    RM5
CREDIT 2        =    RM10
CREDIT 10      =    RM50
CREDIT 20      =    RM100
CREDIT 60      =    RM300
CREDIT 100    =    RM500

Request Refund Credit

Since our website is using credit system and request our customer to purchase credit before proceeding to buy our product, there is probability customer have credit balance or request refund for credit that they have purchased. If customer wants to request a refund, customer can direct contact us through email at . The process of credit refund will be depending on process from the bank. Besides that, service charge of refund are 15% from total amount customer request and bank fee (if applicable).